Ongoing plans: developing of e-Learning platforms for continuing education dedicated to European General Paediatricians

EPA-UNEPSA ongoing educational plans include the developing of e-learning platforms to introduce the European General Paediatricians to the benefits of the e-learning programs for continuing medical education. Such projects, based on consolidated guidelines, are developed in collaboration with major European Paediatric Specialty Societies and the major National European Paediatric Societies and Associations, members of EPA-UNEPSA.

A seminal 2 days course and workshop discussing e-learning for the general pediatricians in Europe, was held jointly by EPA-UNEPSA and ESPGHAN (European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition) at the 7th Europaediatrics in Florence (May 13-16, 2015).

11th Europaediatrics Congress

1st Hot Topics Meeting